Multiple Units

This page shows ongoing projects currently on the workbench. Updates will be provided over time as work and time permits. If you have any questions or further information, please let us know via our ‘Contact us’ section.

We are currently improving our photographic skills to be able to provide photos of sufficient quality to reproduce the detail required for this section.

Class 108 for Devonport Road - Update 1

To provide one part of the passenger service at Devonport Road a Bachmann 108 has been detailed to include both passengers and drivers and also the front buffer beam gear.

To follow will be a detailed ex Lima 101, with full lights, passengers and crew, finished as an exNorwich unit with offset front headlight.



A Class 159 quickie

The Class 159 DMUs were introduced in the early 90s to replace ageing class 50s and 47s on the Waterloo to Exeter services.......a shame for all us fans of loco haulage.

As such, we decided that a 159 on test would be something different for Devonport Road and also for Dovington Camp in Western or Southern modes. But even an 'on test' train gets dirty to an extent.......and so our 159 underwent a quickie in the weathering bay as the following photos show :

img1 img1

A quick request does anyone have any photos of the Class 121 DMUs used for sandite duties on the Waterloo-Exeter line.....did they ever get to Laira or Plymouth? Believe they were called Bill an Ben 😊



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