Cattewater or "The Pink Flamingo"

00 Gauge                     BR circa 1990 - Industrial sidings - Plymouth or Teesside (100cm x 15cm)

This is a dual location layout, with location being determined by the locos/stock in operation. It respresents either the Cattewater Branch in Plymouth or part of an industrial complex in Teesside, near to Seal Sands, in the location where, for many years, a lone pink flamingo that had escaped from a wildlife park was to be seen.


The layout is in the standard format required to be one of the scenic frontages for the Devonport Road fiddle yards. As such, it can either operate independently or as part of the Devonport Road 1990 set up. The layout features two iconic elements of the Cattewater branch within the commercial part of Plymouth Docks - the ESSO bitumen terminal (with its red Sentinel loco) and the LPG terminal, where rail tankers were off-loaded to road tankers. As well as a variety of bitumen tanks and LPG tanks, other traffic from industries served by the branch can be seen using the run-round loop before the return trip, including UKF, chemicals, bagged china clay etc.

"The Pink Flamingo" - until a better name can be found:

As part of a Teesside industrial complex, a wide range of chemicals, oils, metals and Speedlink traffic can be seen hauled by the typical Thornaby pool of locomotives. The bitumen terminal doubles as a chemical loading point. Exactly where the pink flamingo will be placed is yet to be decided! Indeed, with the use of Tacky-Wax, it could move around the layout at shows!!

The layout uses the same fiddle yard board (one of our exhibition 'demo boxes') as Ashton Meadows, Inspired by Alderney and the Cornish Riviera Trains Plymouth depot.


The layout is in the early stages of construction. The photo above gives an indication of the trackplan. The bitumen sidings are at rear left. The bitumen TTAs being represented by the HEA hoppers. The LPG offloading siding is front right. Obviously, it will utilise PECO code 75 wooden sleepered track, rather than the concrete version seen above.

More details as construction continues!



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