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What To Do With a LIMA GUV? - Update 1 - 21/01/2015

With the new offerings currently on the market it is easy to forget that with a little work some of that old stock you have in the cupboard can be brought up to scratch.

Paul had two old LIMA GUVs one in a fictitious hideous yellow Theakstons livery sand the other in a BR maroon, looking for a new home. Devonport Road was looking for more parcels stock and so it was decided to upgrade these two.

Looking on the web and in the old ABC books it was decided that an NKX and an NOX would be built. The former a dual braked standard GUV and the latter the standard van fitted in 1990 with commonwealth bogies to allow 100mph running.

So to work……the main areas that needed attention, as well as a repaint into BR blue were new bogies, from Bachmnann to replace the old LIMA ones, and a replacement of the windows. These will either be from South Eastern Finecast flushglaze or I fancy having a go with Shawplan’s laser glaze to see what this is like. A look on Jim Smith-Wright’s P4 New Street site revealed a good “how to” for fitting dual brake gear so this will also be added.

The attached pictures show work to date:

NOX given a coat of grey to prime over the yellow livery and test fitted with commonwealth bogies

NKX underside showing new MKI bogies in place, also given a coat of grey over maroon livery




High Security Modelling - Part 1

Devonport Road needs a number of parcels vans but it is all too easy to just have lots of standard GUVs and BGs… a trawl of the books, notes, internet etc. revealed 4 very different BGs.

These were TOPS code NBV and were for high security mail. Essentially you need to plate a few windows and put grilling behind the ones that remain……BUT they started life with gangways and  in blue and grey livery (a great model of which is to be seen on Mostyn hidden amongst one of their parcels rakes). Very quickly the gangways came off…they are supposed to be high security!!, then they went all blue; and finally were dual braked and lost their B1 bogies for B4s…..but when???

So for a layout in 1990 what is the correct version? After much further searching and various e-mail communications, it was found that an all blue, non-gangwayed, door window plated, vacuum braked version would fit the bill.

So to work….thanks to Richard of the Mostyn crew for the picture


Job 1 window blanking and gangway removal


Etched window blanks courtesy of Mike Bryant  were added over the plasticard and now it’s off to the paint shop for a coat of blue……


Parcels Progress

AT LAST......the various parcels coaches that were mentioned in one of our first blog posts are ready to run and will be used in anger on Devonport Road at the forthcoming Wimborne Exhibition.
The coaches are various GUV variants an NJV/NKV, an NJX/NKX and an NOX and the high security version of the BG, the NBV. All the dual braked X coded vehicles have both air and vacuum brake systems. All coaches are weathered in varying degrees of the blue parcels dirty livery!!!!


img1 img1

img1 img1

And the final versions at play:

img1 img1


Pullman Luxury

Customization recently completed the rebuild of an O Gauge Pullman 3rd coach. This included rebuilding the interior and adding passengers, as well as fitting working on boards lights. The following photos show the work.

img1 img1



So, what is 'Modern Modelling'?

At a number of shows where Clapham has been demonstrating we have been called the Modern Modellers.......and people have rightly asked so what's that.....diesels!!!!!

Well to an extent they are right, we do model 1990 and 2005, to really pin us down, and to a number of people that's Modern!

However we would also say we are modern modellers because we are interested in using modern techniques, often from other branches of modelling, alongside the more traditional ones.

One we are looking to employ more is the use of the Silhouette Cutter, a cheap but accurate cutting device for plasticard and thin wood.

Our first go was to produce some window blanks to help model this coach.


A MkI SK now in departmental service. The blanks protrude quite significantly.

The windows of a suitable Bachmann coach were measured and then 0.5mm added to give an overlap. The various window shapes were then drawn using the Cad software that came with the printer. These were printed/cut in 10 thou plasticard. To support these blanks, shapes the same dimensions as the window apertures were also drawn and printed/cut but this time onto 20 thou plasticard.

The 20 thou pieces were initially fitted to fill the window gaps and then the blanks fitted over the top.

The blanks were then painted rail grey and rusted as per the picture. This is the resulting model.







MoD Escort Coach MOD99153

A new project for which we have undertaken research is MoD Escort Coach No. 99153. The coach is currently stored at the Avon Valley Railway in Bristol and, with their kind permission, we were allowed access to take some useful photos for modelling purposes. If anyone has any further info, please do let us know:

img1 img1 img1

img1 img1 img1

img1 img1 img1img1 img1 img1

img1 img1 img1 img1 img1 img1 img1 img1






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