Wheal Aneilan

00 Gauge                     A Cornish mainline / clay works combination

Inspired by a combination of the Cornish Mainline and a cross between Burngullow and Parkandillack.

The layout is a long term project, requiring some physical changes to the home to allow an expansion of the workroom to form a long term home for the layout, whilst maintaining the ability to take it out to exhibitions.

This has been a slow burner project, with an initial field visit back in 2010, taking in Packandillack and other accessible clay works in the area. Some of the photos from this trip can be seen in the Layout Projects page.

Over time stock has been collected and worked on. Elements have found their way on to Devonport Road and Dovington Camp, so not just gathering dust.

Whilst many track plans have been played around with on paper, until the available space in the enlarged workroom are known nothing can be committed to timber. It is hoped that this will start to take shape soon.

More details as and when construction starts!



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