H0 Gauge                     SNCF (2010's)      Era 6             

Venterol-Rousset is a small (11' x 2') layout representing a bit of Northern Provence, France.


Courtesy of Continental Modeller (amended)

Venterol-Rousset is a small station in northern Provence.  It is now the terminus of the truncated Pierrelatte – Nyons branch line following damage to the Viaduc de la Sauve outside of Nyons.  It is the 2010 ’s (Era 6) and a transhipment facility is now in use for Nyons’ famous olives and other local produce.  Freight trains serve this facility as well as the Tricastin nuclear complex at the start of the branch, so some more unusual wagons can be seen in this rural idol. Passenger services are in the hands of Lyon based X2200 and X73500 autorails. 

Originally built by Tim Hale as a German layout, the layout is of simple design, with DCC operation, that shows that a realistic railway can be built in a small space and allows interesting operations! The layout was purchased to give a basis for further development and the chance for Paul to 'scratch an itch' in terms of building a French layout.

However, as all of the buildings on Pottendorf were removable, why not have two layouts for the price of one? So, through the use of interchangable buildings, removable scenery, vehicles and people, Pottendorf remains but can double-up as Venterol-Rousset as well!

The layout at Sedgemoor Rail, 2022


A selection of photos of the layout in its French format, on a hot July day, sometime in the 2010's:

A Lyon based X73500 forms the branch passenger train

O1 O1 O1

The X2200 Autorail fills in with a service from Orange


A BB63500 Class collects a van full of olive oil and wine from the Cooperative du Nyonsais warehouse

O1 O1 O1

A Vossloh G1000 sits with a 'wagon castor' - nuclear power station fuel for reprocessing. Given the

Gendarmes' presence, this must have a loaded flask on board!

O1 O1 O1

An Infra BB63500, in faded orange livery, leaves with a short train of ballast hoppers now that the engineering works at the Tricastin nuclear complex are nearing completion.

O1 O1 O1

In between trains life continues. The farmer tends his peaches, the bus driver takes a break and Michael Portillo does a piece to camera for his Great Continental Rail Journeys in Provence episode.

O1 O1 O1



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