Tailby Scrap / MoD Tailby

0 Gauge                     BR at some point in the 1970's or 1980's

This micro layout was originally built by prolific micro layout builder Dave Tailby as Tudwick Road, a totally pointless first forray into 0 Gauge - it uses a sector plate rather than a point!

Acquired by John & Paul to save it from the scrap heap, it allows them to 'scratch an 0 Gauge sized itch', giving an opportunity to build 7mm scale models and buildings. The plan is to utilise interchangable scenic sections to allow it to operate as either a small scrap metal dealer who will destroy the odd railway wagon as well as anything else that comes along or as a small Ministry of Defence store somewhere off the beaten track.

Keeping a reference to its original builder, the layout will exhibit either under the name Tailby Scrap (insert apostrophy as required) or MoD Tailby.

The photo below shows the layout in original Tudwick Road guise as a small coal yard during intial trials of the newly aquired Class 08 and a couple of wagons.


O2 More details as conversion continues!



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