Inspired by Alderney - Tube trains on an island

00 Gauge                     Private - Island railway

Inspired by recent articles in both the Railway Modeller and Model Rail, Inspired by Alderney is exactly what it says it is! Pictures of ex-tube trains being pulled by small shunting locos operating a public passenger service and an eclectic mix of engineers' wagons to keep the line working were too much to ignore.

Whilst it sounds much like the Isle of Wight operation, the Alderney Railway was much smaller and much more 'niche'.


This is a small micro-layout designed to support demonstrations and provide something for visitors to enjoy whilst they chat about modern modelling techniques! It may also run alongside Dinoworld to offer an integrated transport solution for all of those visiting families!

The layout is in the very early stages of construction but will feature a shunter hauled EFE tube train and yet more of John's weird and wonderful engineers' wagons. It shares a fiddle yard (one of our 'demo boxes') as Cattewater, Ashton Meadows and Cornish Riviera Trains, Plymouth Depot. Indeed, it shares more than a fiddle yard with the latter, as both layouts use the same board and trackwork but can be transformed through the use of interchangable scenery, vehicles and people.

Inspired by Alderney has elements of the WW2 German concrete coastal defences remaining around the station area, behind which is a small garden centre with a narrow gauge railway (inoperable) and one corner of the airfield. Indeed this section in itself is interchangable, with a variety of small aircraft and helicopters to be found at different times. An excuse todo some aircraft modelling as well!

O2 O2

More details as construction continues!



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