John and Paul are happy to undertake demonstrations at exhibitions. Over recent years, they have been regular demonstrators at a number of shows, from the small friendly one day show at Minehead, to the national shows of Warley and Model Rail Scotland. In addition they sometimes demonstrate under the banner of the DEMU society. In order to satisfy the varying needs of exhibition managers they have developed a number of options to suit all situations. See table below for options available, including some diagrammes of the set up of individual demos and some photos at the foot of the page:

Ref Name Includes Size Requirements  
1 Small Demo 2 Demos + Computer + Display 6' x 2'

1 6 x 2 table Power point

2 Harchester Demo Harchester (semi-operational) + 2 Demos + Computer 8'/12' x 2' 2/3 4 x 2 tables & Power point
3 Loco Works Demo Loco Works (operational) + 1 Demo + computer 8'/12' x 2' 2/3 4 x 2 tables & Power point
4 Medium Demo Loco Works (non-op) + Leisure Centre + CCE + Allotments, 2 Demos + display + computer 12' x 2' 2 6 x 2 tables & Power point
5 Large Demo Loco Works (non-op) + Leisure Centre + CCE & Allotments (as a joined scenic frontispiece) with 2 Demos behind the low level centre boards + computer 13' x 2' 2 6 x 2 table & Power point
6 Extra Large Demo Harchester (semi-operational) + Loco Works (non-op) + Leisure Centre + 2 Demos + display +computer 18' x 2'' 2 6 x 2 table & Power point

Please note:-

 All options require one vehicle and two operators

 Expenses are kept to a minimum and are based on fuel costs and other incidentals

 Any location will be considered. The team are happy to commute reasonable distances but for longer trips, e.g. greater than one hour, overnight accommodation may be required

 Insurance cover will be required to cover layouts, stock and computers


Extra Large Demo:


O1 O1 O1

Harchester Demo with Display (12')

O1 O1

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