Dinoworld - Its Dino-Wight!

H0f Gauge                     Private - Theme Park - Isle of Wight   

Dinoworld is a Jurassic Theme Park situated on the Isle of Wight, where a small narrow gauge railway takes visitors on a ride back through time, twisting and turning around a host of dinosaurs. A modern take on the Blackgang Chine of my childhood, when regular holidays were taken staying with my aunt in Sandown.


Dinoworld is a small micro-layout designed to support demonstrations and provide something for the younger visitors to enjoy whilst their parents chat about more serious modelling!

The layout in is the early stages of construction but will feature a Busch Feldbahn miniture railway (H0f), basically 3.5mm/ft scale running on 6mm (Z gauge) track.

A start has been made, although some changes are planned (and yes it is going to be a bit smaller than originally planned):


More details as construction continues!



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