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Having It Large!

Recently I undertook a commission to finish off an O gauge 08


The loco was to be finished as 08 947, regulary outbased at Westbury in Wiltshire and usually looking very scruffy!! But when I obtained some photos I noticed that a key box on the side was missing. So parts were obtained from JLTRT, but as fitting began it was realised that other boxes were coming off and had to be replaced.


After the rebuild, it was on to finishing the detailing :

  • Bufferbeam pipes
  • Cab interior and driver
  • Glazing
  • Lamps and brackets, and filer pipe on the front

Then onto painting and lettering to give a blue 08 ready for service


But not yet scruffy!!!

And so….. onto the weathering to give that used look.



Having It Large again!

Customization recently completed the refurbishment of 2 more O Gauge diesels, a Class 47 and a Class 25.

The 47 was in RES livery and numbered as a Class 47/7, however it had the wrong belly tanks for this type and still retained the front buffer beam, removed on most surviving Class 47s. After much research a suitable loco that had all these features and was in RES livery was found.....47 524. The loco was completed as this including new Shawplan  Roof fans, all buffer beam fittings including ETS ( from JLTRT), red LED rear running lights, PDH etched cab steps and simulated engine pipework.....and of course an etched RES Crewe Cat.

img1 img1 img1

The Class 25 was to be finished in a scruffy operational state, and also involved a lot of putting bits back on again that had fallen off over time!

img1 img1



McDovington Quickie

For Nailsea exhibition we have decided to operate Dovington in Scottish mode......but what rolling stock do we have? After a trawl through stock boxes quite a bit that is suitable but a tad light on locos. As such 2 Bachmann class 47s got bumped up the detailing list ready for the show......

img1 img1

47461 Charles Rennie Mackintosh and 47541 Queen Mother

They are both fitted with buffer beam fittings, the cast nameplates and engine room pipework, and the drivers have had a coat of paint. For running south of the border both have an AtoZ in the cab!!!!!
See you at Nailsea.


The New Recruit

For Nailsea exhibition we will have a new recruit, recently posted to the Dovington Camp depot from RAF Chilmark:


A repaint of a Hornby Sentinel, with Extreme Etchings replacemnt windows, to represent MOD 244 (RR10244/1966); one of two Sentinel 4wDH locos purchased second hand by the MoD, which gained running numbers corresponding to their works ones.

Model based on a single black & white photograph of the original at RAF Chilmark on 21/9/89 in 'Locomotives of the Ministry of Defence' (IRS 1992)


Don't put baby in the corner

Customization has just completed a detailing job on a Heljan Baby Deltic. This included the fitting of a sound chip, with speaker in the underframe tanks; the addition of crew and a weathering to give it that used feel. The following photos show the final results:

img1 img1


Lion Roars

Customization recently completed work on a Heljan Lion. This included adding sound as well as a crew, which included in one of the cabs, a man in a white coat supervising the locomotive test run. Light weathering completed the job. The following photos show the finished model.




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