The Cider Works - Miniumum space with maximum taste!

00 Gauge                     Private - Rail served factory - Somerset England

The Cider Works is a small rail served factory producing the golden nectar for which Somerset is famous! Both Taunton Cider and Thatchers are represented and regular shipments are made by railfreight/private vans and privately owned tank wagons to outlets all over the country, especially in Clevedon & Portishead! A private shunter - The Cider Queen - shunts the yard tripping wagons to a nearby exchange siding.


The Cider Works is a minimum space Box File Layout, utilising the Scalescene Box File Layout pack, suitably amended to reflect the nature of the cider brewing process!

The layout is in the very early stages of construction but will feature Taunton Cider ferrywagon (see above), Thatchers Cider tanks (sold in aid of Weston Hospicecare) and BR air braked vans, all shunted by a Heljan Cider Queen class 05.

More details as construction continues!



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